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The history of the Casina dell'Orologio

In the heart of the beautiful Villa Borgese park, Adone Soccorsi in 1922 inaugurated the Casina dell'Orologio. Between lanes of chestnuts, plane trees, and oaks, in the Pincio garden not far from Piazza del Popolo and the Spanish Steps, rose thus what very soon became an obligatory destination for the strolls of many Romans and tourists.

The first kiosk in 1922 was a small wooden chalet.

In 1960 the Casina was reconstructed, designed by Alberto Mastroianni Architect.

In 1970 the Casina expanded, offering for the first time an enclosed shelter for the comfort of regular visitors in inclement weather.

Recently, in 2003, Anna Tonelli, architect (http://www.anna-tonelli-architetto.it), designed the present building assembled by Industria Asteco. The new enclosure, invoking architectures of other times, is of iron with a roof of natural slate. The interiors are enhanced by the mosaic pavement executed by Gregoriana Tomei on design of the architect Anna Tonelli and by a magnificent venetian chandelier. The new structure is equipped with kitchen and facilities, all complemented by a piano bar.